Requests for research should be sent to the Society. Written requests should include as much information  
 as possible in an effort to keep us from duplicating what you already have. We ask a $20 donation to do an  
 initial search ($15 for members), and $20 per hour to continue ($15 per hour for members), plus the cost of

 copies of pages from books, obits, marriage, birth, death and land records. We welcome questions and
 comments, as well as suggestions, through our e-mail address:


The Initial Search includes the following collections searches:

(This checklist is available at the Society’s Research Center)


Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society


(Using the collections of LCGHS by: Bill Detmers & Gary Freese, 2008)


Subject(s) of Research:





 To start researching, check the following resources in our library first. You will get many answers from these,  
 keeping in mind the dates in which the person being researched was in Logan County. No sense looking
 through books that are older than the person you are researching.


             History of Logan County, 1878


             History of Logan County, 1886


             History & Biographical Sketches, 1902


             History of Logan County, 1911


             History of Logan County, 1982


             Check the family history books on the shelf to see if we have one for that surname.


             Logan County marriage record indexes


             Logan County Heirship records/indexes


            Cemetery books (Look in the cemetery index for the county, sorted alphabetically so every surname is
             listed together. This will point you to the proper cemetery books.)


             Obituaries are in binders.


             Census records are a good way to learn children’s names and ages, birth place for the person and his/her
             parents. Ages may be off from census to census, but usually will be close enough to make the
             connection between the two. We have 1840, 1850, 1855, 1860, 1870 (partially complete) and 1880
             for Logan County, on our shelves. We have 1900 on CD and 1910, 1920, 1930 for Logan on microfilm.


             If the person died in the townships near Atlanta, check the Tuttle Funeral Home book. Also, check the
              books on Atlanta and area, written by Paul Adams

             The Lincoln Circuit Methodist Churches in Logan County (1866-1920) is a good source, as this was a
              popular church to belong to.

             Once you have the twp/town name, check the books on our shelves for that location, especially the
              centennial books for that town.

             Check the wedding books on our shelves. These were taken from local newspapers, and usually have a

             Check death records in the Logan County death index (1878-1916)

             Check birth records in the Logan County birth index (1878-1916)

             You should browse the other books in the library such as the Pioneers on the Prairie, early land
              transactions, and transactions of the 1960-1970 era (if appropriate) Combined Atlas of Logan County,
              Pictorial History of Logan County/Lincoln, and others.

             First, check the vertical file in the work-room, using the cross-reference list. (Ask the volunteer on duty
              to get files for you.)

             If the requestor wants death, marriage, birth records, fill out the form we have at the Center and take it 
              to the County Clerk’s office at the Courthouse to get the copies. (You have to pay for them there.) The
              requestor is billed for this plus $2 for the Society)


Other Sources:


             Index for Roots & Branches – tells whether the subject had come up in past research conducted by the


             Index for Lincoln Herald – The every-name index covers early Logan County history. Currently the
              years 1859-1873 are available for the issues that exist on microfilm.


             Index for 1953 Centennial Lincoln Courier – Contains family histories for the early residents of Lincoln,


             Index section of the Library contains indexes of other collections as well.



Research Notes: