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The Regan Collection is a set of 36 binders of newspaper clippings covering the years 1859 to about 1912. It was compiled by John Regan, a retired attorney from Decatur, IL. This portion of his collection covers many of the Logan County Newspapers. It contains a wealth of information. Mr. Regan passed away in 2020 at the age of 109. This collection was digitized &  indexed by Bill Donath, volunteer for the Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society. This collection has two levels of index. There is an index showing which volumes in which a given name is referenced. Once that is determined, opening the proper volume leads to an index that gives the page numbers on which a given name occurs. Some of the volumes have as many as 500 pages.

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1) Each Vol is presented in Power Pt

2)  Patience required, as each Vol is lengthy

3) When searching these collections at the LCGHS, open a blank word document. Into this, copy and paste the lines from the indexes so that you do not have to jump back & forth from the indexes to the digital images. Be sure to add the title of the collection so you do not get confused about which collection they come from. Once you have that list, move to each digitized collection, find the pages referenced in the index & read each article. If the researcher thinks the article contains significant information to add to their research, copy & paste the article to the flash drive. If there is not enough time for the researcher to get through all of the hard copy collections, & these digital collections, just print a copy of the Indexes for them to take home.

4) You will find that the newspaper images have a name that identifies the source. 1884 1027 p5 LH identifies the image as being from the Lincoln Herald, October 27, 1884, p5.  This document name format keeps the issues & articles in chronological order.

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6) You may email the Society if they want to know more about any the items in the indexes.