II.  Bands and Choirs from Yesteryears

"Bands of Yore" [featured in MPTHS 2011 Calendar - September]

Old Bands
        Mt. Pulaski Band - 1890's
        Prof. Fred Null's Concert Band 1920's
        Prof. Stubblebine's Band - 1900's
Les Werntz & Claus Tanner - 1940's - 1980's
Mt. Pulaski Kitchen Band - 1960's - 1970's
More Kitchen Band Pictures
Rentschler's Grove Band - 1910
Logan County 4H Club Orchestra  -  1926 - 1931 [see below]
"Symphonious Six"
Mt. Pulaski Glee Club - 1933
Mt. Pulaski German Band - "The Red Sauerkrauts"  - 1935
 NEW   Mt. Pulaski "Rhythmaires" - 1946

Logan County 4H Club Orchestra  1926 - 1931
Loren Emery - Gene Downing - Wilbur Roos
Marion Halstead - Darwin Downing - Ernest Beck

       Gene Downing and his band played for about 5 years between 
1926 to 1931.  Gene says that their band was made up of 6 farm boys,
so they called themselves the Logan County 4H Club Orchestra.  
Gene says that Wilbur Roos was the leader, as he was the best 
musician - playing the piano, trumpet and one or two other instruments.  Wilbur went on to be the band instructor at the Mt. Pulaski High 
School and Grade School. 

       The Logan County Farm Bureau Advisor took an interest in them and had them appear before several Illinois State 4H Conventions in Champaign and once at the Chicago 4H Champions Banquet.  They were notable since they were the only 4H orchestra in Illinois during these years.

       In addition, for several years, they played every Saturday night
at the Odd Fellows Hall for Square and Round Dancing.  When they played for dances here and elsewhere, they referred to their orchestra as the Symphonious Six.  Gene says they were paid $20 for each performance.  So, he says, they pocketed $2 each and then used the
rest of the money for purchasing sheet music, instrument supplies, 
gas, and food.