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Logan County Civil War Information

Logan County Clerk

601 Broadway

PO Box 278 Lincoln, IL 62656


Established: February 15, 1839

Origin of the name of the county

Named for Dr. John Logan, a pioneer Illinois physician
and friend of Abraham Lincoln who chose the name - father of General John A. Logan.

Present area, or parts of it, formerly included in:

1827-1839   Tazewell

1821-1839   Sangamon

1817-1821   Bond

1812-1817   Madison

1790-1812   St. Clair

1790-1801   Knox, Northwest Territory


County Seats


1839-1847 Postville - Name changed to Camden prior to 1847


1847-1855   Mt. Pulaski


1856 - present   Lincoln


History of county governing board


1839-1849   County Commissioners' Court

1849-1867   County Court

1867 - present County Board of Supervisors


Documented Record Losses

April 15, 1857 - Lincoln Courthouse Fire.

There was an immense loss of records for Logan County from February 15, 1839, to April 15, 1857.

Since we were part of Sangamon County prior to 1839, those records were saved.
Also, records in regards to cases on appeal to higher courts were saved.
Some missing records have been reconstructed.


Township government adopted November, 1865

Completion of township organization was delayed until 1867 by a court suit. There are
 17 Townships.  Prior to Township government, the county was divided into 13 Precincts.

Precinct Names (Prior to change)

Atlanta, Bowles, Broadwell, Elkhart, Eminence, Lake Fork, Lincoln, Madison,
 Middletown, Mt. Pulaski, Prairie Creek, Sugar Creek

Township Names

Aetna, Atlanta, Broadwell, Chester, Corwin, East Lincoln, Elkhart, Eminence, Hurlbut,
 Laenna, Lake Fork, Mt. Pulaski, Oran, Orvil, Prairie Creek, Sheridan, West Lincoln,

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