LCGHS now on YouTube 

LCGHS Presence on Utube - Updated. LCGHS has the following videos on Utube. The videos are listed in the order in which they were posted. Utube seems to present them in random order. Sometimes the sequence is important. Some videos are informative, some are instructional, and some are just fun. If you are reading this on a computer, just click on the link. Future R&B’s will have a short update on the videos posted since the previous R&B:
Civil War Statue #1
Civil War Statue #2
Civil War Statue #3
Civil War Statue #4
Atlanta Giants Museum
Zura Burns Murder, 1883
Introduction – 0306 2023  -->
LCGHS Office Filing of a Myriad of Documents   -->
Tour of our LCGHS Research Center   -->
Sharing the Family Heirlooms   --> PROGRAM FEB 2023
Donation of Shew Collection that required to be Humidified, Sanitized & Pressed Flat which included over 700 issues of the old Lincoln Herald   --> SHEW COLLECTION HISTORY
Program Feb 2023 – 0417 2023
Shew Collection – Firelogs – 0424 2023
Dean Baker – Railsplitter Coin Club – 0424 202
Fire Log Adventure 1
Hydrating and Pressing