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For a glimpse, click on these provided pages of year 1876 issues -->   Jan 13th      Feb 3rd      Oct 5th      Dec 7th     <-- (left-click on each page to enlarge)


0  Atlanta Argus:  1917-1919  ... updated --> Atlanta Argus 1917 - 1920


0  Lincoln Courier - Monthly Issues:

                      Courier News:  Nov, 1956 --> 1964
Courier News:  1974 - 1982
Courier News: 1992 - 2000
               Courier News: 2010 - 2017 (News and/or Obits)
             Courier Obits:  1956 --> 2017 ... This collection was built and indexed by Bill Minch, originally from the Emden area. Bill now lives in Texas. He worked on the project by getting microfilm from the Lincoln Presidential Library at Springfield, IL, through interlibrary loan. He had to stop when the ALPL stopped participating in the Library loan service. In the index you will find that Bill has columns for Date of Issue, Name of Deceased, Date of Death, and Parents & Spouse, if the information is available in the obituary.

0  Lincoln Courier:
Obituaries, 1956 - 2017
             Obituaries notices (articles), 1956 - 2017
             Obituaries, 1988 - 2013

             Obituaries, 1985 - 2013
             Marriages & Obituaries, 2011 -  2013


0  Lincoln Herald     Lincoln, Illinois

          Index 1858 - 1869
          Index 1870 - 1873
          Index 1917 - 1920
... This collection was compiled by Bill Donath. These indexes were completed over several years from the microfilm copies of the Lincoln Herald. Not all the years are represented, but this is an every-name index for the existing issues. The newspapers referenced in this index are not digitized. The researcher will need to contact LCGHS to have a volunteer access the microfilm. The index has been constructed to include the name of the person, issue date, page number, column number, & article title. This, we hope, will speed up the process to find what you are looking for.



0 Logan Co. Records: Births / Deaths ... 1878 - 1915

0 Logan County  War History Committee Collection  ... 1919

0 Middletown Ledger 1917-1919 -
This index of the Middletown Ledger newspaper contains vital statistics on birth, marriage and death

                                           updated --> MIDDLETOWN LEDGER 1917-1920

0  Obituaries - Lincoln Courier (1985 - 2013)

0  Regan Collection digitized with Index:

The Regan Collection is a set of 36 binders of newspaper clippings covering the years 1859 to about 1912. It was compiled by John Regan, a retired attorney from Decatur, IL. This portion of his collection covers many of the Logan County Newspapers. It contains a wealth of information. Mr. Regan passed away in 2020 at the age of 109. This collection was digitized &  indexed by Bill Donath, volunteer for the Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society. This collection has two levels of index. There is an index showing which volumes in which a given name is referenced. Once that is determined, opening the proper volume leads to an index that gives the page numbers on which a given name occurs. Some of the volumes have as many as 500 pages.

0 Roots & Branches Issues - R&B-Index 1979 - 2022

0  Shew Collection: In 2017, nearly eight hundred issues of the Lincoln Herald from 1873-1882, 1884, 1889, 1894, 1895, were found in the attic of a building that was once their jewelry store. The Shew family was gracious enough to donate the papers to LCGHS. That started a five-year journey to humidify, sanitize, flatten, clean, digitize & index the papers. This project will be complete by the fifth anniversary of the donation in November 2022. Many of the stories found in the Society’s quarterly, Roots & Branches, are coming from this collection. The most recent being the series of articles telling the story of the history & development of the Union Cemetery at Lincoln, IL, - in the Spring Issue of 2022. A comprehensive index is provided for each year.  These indexes are provided on a free-access page (go to --> Index pages)

0  Will Index



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Logan County ILGenWeb 

Logan County On-Line Book Access

Logan County Facts

Mt. Pulaski Obituaries & Military Cemetery Rites

The Logan County  War History Committee Collection  ... 1919


Logan County Cemetery Index ... (compiled by Bill Detmers, 2013) - Includes the names of the taxpayers
                                                     of the county, as returned by the assessors of the townships for the current year,
& is arranged under one
                                                     alphabet, to save
the trouble of consulting several alphabets when the town, city, or village in which a person
                                                     resides is not known.

 Pioneer Certificate (for direct descendents of early settlers of Logan County)


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