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Index 1858 - 1869


This every-name index covers the years 1858-1869. Names of Logan County residents - including some residents of nearby counties - are listed here with the date of issue of the newspaper, the page number and the "Event" in which the resident was involved. Explanations of some of those "Events" are given below.


Note: names in the list are spelled as they appeared in the Herald. Researchers are responsible for verifying the actual spelling.


The Lincoln Herald began publication in 1856. The earliest issue on microfilm, included here, is from 1858. That issue was found in the collection of papers from John Dean Gillette. It contained a list of those property owners who owed taxes from two years previous, or 1856. Much of 1859 exists on microfilm. Clearly identified missing issues are: 1861: 26 Sep; 24 Oct; 1862: 28 May; 10 Jul; 18 Sep; 1863: 12 Feb; 09 Apr; all of Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1864: all; 1865: all; 1868: all; 1869: 16 Dec. If you have knowledge of these missing issues, please contact the Illinois newspaper Project. Copies of newspapers will be returned to you after the issue has been microfilmed.


Our ancestors’ lives were full of everyday events between the vital dates of birth, marriage, and death. It is these every-day events which allow us to know those ancestors as real people and make it possible to develop the family history that we can leave for our descendents. These newspaper sources give us a glimpse at a few of those events.


Event: Tax List – Although it might be thought by descendents that having an ancestor listed on the Tax List would be an embarrassment, in the early days, most property owners were included in the list. Entire issues of the Herald or Supplements to the Herald were filled with these lists. All of the leading names of Logan County could be found there.


What can be learned from these lists?  Since the description of the property on which taxes were owed is included, we can learn the location of property owned by our ancestors. As an example: Abraham Lincoln was included in the list of May 01, 1862, for taxes owed for 1860. It is known that Mt. Lincoln owned a lot in the block south of the courthouse square in his namesake town of Lincoln.  Without a doubt - in 1860 - President Lincoln was distracted and thereby neglected to pay the $0.75 in taxes listed in the paper. Nevertheless, the tax bill must have continued to have been paid since the property remained in the Lincoln family long after the death of the President.


Event: Letters @ P O – In the days before door-to-door delivery of the mail, one way of notifying people that they had correspondence waiting for them at the P O was to list their names in the local papers. This source, at least, lets researchers know that a particular person was expected to be in a Logan County town at some point in time. The name is the only information provided by these lists.


Event: Civil War – In 2006, the articles regarding Logan County and the Civil War were compiled into a book titled, Logan County During the Civil War, The Early Years, As Reported in the Lincoln Herald.  A few copies of this book by Bill Donath are still available at LCGHS (see Publications).



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