LCG&HS take a look at our past through pictures

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At the January meeting of the Logan County Genealogical & Historic Society in Lincoln, members and guests enjoyed an evening of looking back at Lincoln's past.

The society has a nice and sizeable collection of photos of the community as it would have looked in the late 1800s through the mid 1900s.

One such photo is being shown by LCG&HS member Diane Osborn depicting Broadway Street at the corner of Kickapoo and looking westward toward the railroad tracks. One can easily recognize the building in the foreground of the photo as that currently occupied by National Rent to Own.

Other photos included Lincoln street scenes dating back to horse and carriage and streetcar track days, an 1893 aerial photo of the city of Lincoln, a 1955 aerial view of Lincoln State School, photos of Lincoln Lakes, and other pictures and collectibles.

Pictures by Mary Ellen Martin and Curtis Fox

Lincoln Lakes beach, no date given, possibly pre-WWII.



Original administration building at the Lincoln State School from the 1870's when the institution was founded.

015 A marching band from Lincoln.

Inside the Stetson China Company, on the line making dinnerware.


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