Mt. Pulaski's FRANK CAPPS
Inventor of Many Devices for the Phonograph
 Had Worked With Edison and Emerson
Made Records in Palace of the Czar

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My invention relates to electrically operated phonographs preferably of the type in which a record disk is used.

Among the objects of the invention is the provision of an electric motor drive for phonographs which is simple and quiet,

which may be readily regulated for speed within a wide limit and in which all the following working parts

 are exposed by merely removing the turntable beneath which they are located.

Another object of the invention is the pro-A Y phonograph in which the speed reduction from the motor to the turntable

 is such secure an efficient operation at ordinary pro-A tor Y speed, the motor being 'vertically arranged beneath

 the turntable and the drive `on a friction Wheel secured to the under surface of the turntable.