Logan County Records


Births and Deaths


Before 1878 Vital Records for births and deaths were not kept by civil authorities. Beginning in 1878 these records were sometimes collected. The office of the Logan County Clerk is responsible for keeping these records. If you have visited the County Clerk’s office to pursue genealogical research, these records were made available to you in books of legal size paper and although the data was somewhat alphabetized, the A names were grouped together but not alphabetized.


The same records are presented here and are all alphabetized. These records cover the years 1878 through 1915-1916. Records for deaths occurring 1916-1947 can be found at the website for the Illinois Secretary of State. http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/archives/databases/home.html


Records are available for public access on the following schedule: Births – 75 years; Marriages - 50 years and Deaths – 30 years.


Logan County Births: 1878-1915


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Application for Birth Records


Logan County Deaths: 1878- 1915


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Application for Death Records