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Lincoln College recipient of
Illinois State Historical Society award


“Our Cause Is Just” is the Civil War story of the John and Esther Hawes family from Eminence Township in Logan County near Atlanta, Illinois. The documentary is based upon letters written by brothers Henry and George Hawes and half-brother James Ewing—all three soldiers in battle—to parents John and Esther and family back home.  John Allert:

"John Washington Hawes, Esther Allen Musick. Esther was first married to Joseph F Ewing. George M and Henry Clay Hawes.
 John J Ewing and Louisa Ewing E Ewing Shores were brother and sister. The Musick family married into the Carlock, Judy
and Hatfield families. All my direct ancestors."

Snippet from 2018 R & B Winter Quarterly 


The presidents slept here
Pulaski House register shows hotel hosted some famous guests
Mt. Pulaski House Hotel - where the Illinois 8th Judicial Circuit lawyer entourages would quarter, including Judge David Davis.  Abraham Lincoln, however, would leave the hotel conversations and stay with families of local townspeople he knew that were once his neighbors in Springfield:  Jabez Capps' family or Lushbaugh family. 

In the mid-1800’s, covering the Illinois 8th Judicial Circuit required traveling approximately 450 miles by horseback and horse and buggy through fourteen counties, including Mount Pulaski, the Logan County Seat from 1848 to 1855.  However, it was not until 1849 that Mr. Lincoln re-joined this Judicial Circuit, having served two years in the United States House of Representatives: 1847 - 1848.   

       Mr. Lincoln “allowed” Judge David Davis and the other lawyers to stay at the Mount Pulaski House Hotel, while he resided with friends that he had made, namely the Capps, Lushbaugh and Beidler families of Mount Pulaski.     [click on the photos above for more]

20 June 1861 Where Does He Stand! The importance of the crisis has induced our intelligent correspondent "Senex," of Mt. Pulaski, to write the people a letter on Traitors.
In times like these we have a right to know who are the friends of the country, and we therefore insert his letter. If the "lawyer" spoken of is a loyal citizen, let him so declare himself; if his is an enemy, wishing the success of treason, it should be known. We deem it our duty to insert the letter and to ask him to come out and define his position, as the time for neutrality is passed. Do this soon, or the strong hand of Uncle Sam may close on the seat of your breeches and hold you up amid the curses and indignation of your countrymen, as an object of everlasting ridicule and disgrace!      SENEX Mt. Pulaski, June 10th.

Snippet from 2011 R & B Summer Quarterly

Snippet from 2018 R & B Summer Quarterly

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Students from Lincoln Zion Lutheran
& Middletown schools advanced
to the regional & state levels.

a revisit of Abraham
Lincoln's 1857 Almanac Trial

The face of our country’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, in Chestnut’s United Methodist church stained glass window.


Lincoln house bought from Sears, Roebuck & Company catalog

John W. Durdle of Hopedale
 authority on windmills
Lincoln’s Civil War Balloon Corps

The Yankee Windmill Co.
of Mt. Pulaski (circa 1902

Snippet from 2020 R & B
Winter Quarterly

Snippet from 2006
 R & B Winter Quarterly
18 pages of Elkhart Hill - people, places, events
This newly processed accession was donated by the Horchem family of Middletown. Three of the fifty-nine pages in the scrapbook are presented here to give you an idea of the contents. We love getting donations of this type preserving Logan County History. The year 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the end of WW II

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     the Atlanta Wide Awakes
 (founded in 1862)
4 May, 2016 Lincoln Daily News:  Historical Society recognizes the Logan County Bar  
May, 2017 LDN:
Logan County Genealogical &
Historical Society recognized Logan County law practices

Remembering The Tropics: Lincoln, Illinois' Route 66 roadside oasis

2012 Lecture: the interurban”, an unusual and unique service provider which ran on electricity and was partially responsible for bringing electricity to several small towns and rural areas